Leaked Adidas 22-23 Products Show Off 22-23 Kit Details

Leaked images of Adidas 22-23 products confirm the upcoming kits while also giving a closer look at key design elements of them.

Adidas 2022-2023 Kit-Inspired Products Leaked

So far, we can reveal product images for four Adidas Elite teams - Arsenal, Bayern (already released), Manchester United, and Juventus. We have no pictures for the Ajax, Real Madrid, or other big Adidas clubs yet.


The collar design of the Arsenal 22-23 home kit is replicated for the 22-23 scarf. The scarf features the same zig-zag pattern, and Arsenal text is featured on the back under the collar.

An Arsenal 22-23 Teamgeist-inspired ball subtly features the Arsenal 22-23 away kit pattern.

Manchester United

For Manchester United, a leaked ball shows off two bespoke elements of the kit - the crest and the subtle unique design that create a pinstripes effect.

The scarf comes with the same white and black Adidas logo as the kit.

Bayern München

The scarf prominently features the unique white stripes design of the kit.


Adidas take the triangle design of the stripes to add a unique touch in the middle of the scarf.

Adidas will launch most home kits in May 2022Adidas are set to launch the home kits for most of the Elite teams in May 2022 already.

2022-23 Kit Overview - All 22-23 Kit Leaks & Info

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