Liechtenstein 2022 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Liechtenstein's new 2022 home, away and third shirts were released a few days ago. They are made by Errea as part of Uefa's kit assistance scheme.

Liechtenstein 2022 Home Kit

Check out Errea's Liechtenstein 2022 home shirt below.

The home shirt has a blue background and is characterised by the repetition, in matching colours, of an original diamond pattern in a style akin to damask, and by the sleeve ends and the ribbed collar in white. Both the Erreà and Football Association logos appear on the back of the neck, whilst the flag of this tiny European country, that’ s located between Switzerland and Austria, is on the back of the collar.

To round everything off, Erreà’s logo appears on the right-hand side of the chest, whilst a Crown, the symbol and logo of Liechtenstein, is on the left. The home strip is finished off with blue shorts and socks of the same colour.

Liechtenstein 2022 Away Kit

This is the Liechtenstein 2022 away jersey, made by Errea.

The Errea Liechtenstein 2022 away football shirt is based on the same template as the home, including the same graphic. The base colour is red in this case. Unlike the Home shirt however, the collar and cuffs are the same colour as the rest of the shirt.

Liechtenstein 2022 Third Kit

This is the Liechtenstein 2022 third jersey, made by Erreà.

Once again, the Errea Liechtenstein 2022 third football shirt uses the same template and graphic as the home and away. White is the base colour here, giving Liechtenstein a safe option should the encounter a clash with any red or blue-wearing opponents.

Like the away shirt, the base colour is also used for the cuffs and collar.

A range of training wear and tracksuits were also unveiled at the kit launch, as seen in the photos below.

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