Nike 2022 'Bonded' Boots Pack Leaked - Incl. Regular Next-Gen Zoom Mercurial

Update: We can show off official pictures of the 'Bonded Pack'. It is designed for the UEFA Women's Euro England 2022 but will be also worn by male players.

The pack will be worn by all Nike athletes in the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 and (select) Men's players.

Nike Bonded Pack - UEFA Women's Euro England 2022

The Nike 2022 'Bonded' soccer boots have unique designs in Barely Green, combined with 'Blackened Blue' logos and multicolor graphics.

The pack includes all modern Nike high-end silos - Mercurial (next-gen), Phantom GT and Tiempo.

Nike Zoom Mercurial 2022 - Barely Green/Blackened Blue/Total Orange

The new Nike Zoom Mercurial 2022 cleats have a unique design in Barely Green and Blackened Blue, combined with unique multicolor graphic elements. Indeed, the new Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 soccer cleats are part of a streamlined "Barely Green" Nike collection.

Nike Phantom GT 2 - Barely Green/Blackened Blue/Ghost Green

Nike's 'Barely Green/Blackened Blue/Ghost Green' Phantom GT Elite 2 football shoes follow the streamlined design of the collection. They combine a light green base ("Barely Green") with anthracite ("Blackened Blue") logos.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 - Barely Green/Blackened Blue/Total Orange

The new 'Barely Green' Tiempo Legend 9 football shoes from Nike have a unique colorway and design. They are mainly Barely Green, combined with Blackened Blue, Total Orange and Volt.

The Nike Bonded 2022 football boots pack launches in July 2022 in all sizes, including Men's.

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