Trabzonspor 22-23 Home & Away Kits Released

Trabzonspor today launched their new 2022-23 home and away kits, in the case of the former confirming the prior leaks. The new kits are available to buy online.

Trabzonspor 22-23 Home Kit

This is the new Macron Trabzonspor home jersey for 2022-23.

Introducing a classic stripes look, the Macron Trabzonspor 2022-2023 shirt combines 4 maroon with 3 light blue stripes on the front of the body, while the sleeves are partly maroon and light blue.

All sponsor logos on the Macron Trabzonspor 2022-23 home jersey are white with the sleeve cuffs and collar being maroon with light blue trim.

Trabzonspor 22-23 Away Kit

This is the Trabzonspor 22-23 away shirt.

The new Trabzonspor 2022-23 away jersey is predominantly blue with white logos and a traditional collar. In terms of design, Trabzonspor's new 22-23 away football shirt features two thin red lines on each side of the front.

Made by Macron. What's your verdict on Trabzonspor's new home and away shirts? Comment below.