Belgium, Germany and Spain Wear Women's Kits

Update: The German and Belgian Men's national teams debuted the Euro 2022 Women's home kits. The Spain Men's national team will wear the Euro 2022 Women's home kit against the Czech Republic on June 12, 2022.

Belgian, German & Spain's Men's Team Wear Women's Euro 2022 Kits

Oddly, the Men's German team wore a kit with two star instead of four. UEFA actually forbid this in their Equipment Regulations (Article 33). Spain altered the kit to feature the star, added after the 2010 World Cup triumph.

Germany's kit featured two stars - UEFA actually forbid thisSpain RFEF: "The national team is a big family and it is so because its different members always support each other, as is the case of the men's and women's teams."

June 7, 2022: For the first time ever, the German Men's national team will be wearing the Women's kit design. The debut will take place against England tonight.

Germany to Wear Euro 2022 Women's Kits Against England

Germany will be wearing the men's version of the German women's European Championship jerseys. The men's team is using the campaign to draw attention to the DFB women's upcoming title mission in England (July 6-31).

Germany Women's Euro 2022 Home Kit

Germany Women's Euro 2022 Home & Away Kits Released

The Germany Euro 2022 Women's kit is available in Women's, Men's and Kids' sizes. It appears that Adidas have created a special player issue version of the kit for the German Men's team with heat-applied logos and Heat.Rdy technology. The Women's team did not get a kit with heat-applied logos...

"This is really a cool thing. I'm curious to see if the men's jerseys look better than ours," said national player Sara Doorsoun of Eintracht Frankfurt. Her club colleague and national goalkeeper Merle Frohms said: "This is definitely a nice sign."

Last year, the Germany Women's national team played against Chile in the men's black European Championship jerseys to send a signal before the men's European Championship.

The Belgian men's team will also wear the Women's home kitDo you like that Germany will wear the Women's home kit in one match? Comment below.