Leaked: FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Kit Features City Map

On Wednesday, the first official pictures of the FC Barcelona 22-23 away kit were leaked. They greatly show off that the kit is not plain gold - instead, it features a subtle bespoke all-over detail.

FC Barcelona 2022-2023 Away Shirt - City Map

The Nike Barcelona 2022-2023 away kit features a map of the city within the shirt. Football shirt aficionado @TheShirtUnion was even able to spot how the map sits.

Nike have chosen not to simply take the city map but to adjust it to make it look more like a kit graphic and less than a simple city map. Nike mirrored it down the center.

The replica looks much less impressiveIt is important to understand that the kit also features the new Vaporknit pattern, in addition to the pattern. This is possibly also the reason why Nike mirrored the city map.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Kit - Authentic

FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Kit - Replica

Meanwhile, the replica version of Barça's 2022-23 away kit looks much less impressive.

Barcelona's 2022-23 away kit will be already launched today, June 10, 2022.

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