Fiorentina 22-23 Kits: Design Info, Release Dates and More

Today we can bring you the first pieces of information on Fiorentina's 22-23 home, away and third kits, while the winning design of their fourth kit design contest has already been leaked. They will be the third set of kits produced by Kappa for the club.

Fiorentina 22-23 Home Kit Info

Fiorentina's 22-23 home shirt will of course be their trademark shade of violet, and will carry their newly modernized club badge, unveiled earlier this year. As well as featuring on the chest, the new badge will play a significant role in the design of the kit, with space on the shirt reserved for a V design element, which was also a key component of the previous incarnation of the badge. White is expected to be used as a secondary colour.

Away Kit Info

The V is also to be a prominent feature of the away strip, which will have white as a base colour. A purple chevron of sorts is cited as a possibility by 90 min.

21-22 home and away kits based on the same template.

This information suggests that the away kit could be an inversion of the home shirt, as was the case in the 21-22 season.

Third Kit Info

Fiorentina's third shirt will be navy/dark blue with gold details. This is more of a departure from traditional colours than any of the other kits for next season. Fiorentina have previously worn a few blue shirts of different shades during their time with Le Coq Sportif, as seen above. Blue was one of the colours worn by players of calcio storico, an early (and violent) form of football that is thought to have originated in Florence's Piazza Santa Croce.

How dark exactly the shade of blue will be remains unclear, although something closer to navy would make more sense as it would provide better contrast with the purple home shirt.

Fourth Kit

The fourth kit, seen above, bears the winning design from the kit creation contest held by the club a few months ago. It is black with purple details.

Release Date

Fiorentina's 22-23 kits will be released in early July, before the 10th, when the team head to their customary pre-season camp in Northern Italy. A kit launch event including some of the players is planned.

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