Sardinia 2022 Home Kit Released

Sardinia's new home kit has been released. It is made by local brand, Eye Sportswear. The Sardinian national team are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA so cannot participate in the World Cup or Euros.

Sardinia 2022 Home Kit

This is the Sardinia 2022 home shirt, made by Eye Sportswear.

The Eye Sportswear Sardinia 2022 home jersey is mainly white with pale green featuring as a secondary colour for the sleeves and the pattern at the top of the shirt. This pattern covers the top of the torso and is made up of dots and lines that fade away towards the bottom of the chest. The v neck collar and cuffs are khaki green while the Eye logo appears in red. On the back, "Sardigna" text is found at the bottom of the shirt.

Sardinia use light green on their home jerseys as "a historical reminder and a wish that Sardinia will return, also in the football field, to a period of cultural and economic prosperity, playing and opening up in first person to the world".

Made by Eye Sportswear. What do you make of the Sardinia's home jersey? Comment below.