Stevenage FC 22-23 Home & Away Kits Revealed

Stevenage FC's new 2022-23 home and away jerseys were released today. They are made by Macron and will be worn in next season's League Two campaign.

Stevenage FC 22-23 Home Kit

This is the Stevenage FC 2022-23 home football shirt, made by Macron.

An unusual look, the Macron Stevenage FC 2022-2023 football shirt features a fade from red at the top to black at the bottom, with a similar gradient also applied to the sleeves.

The Macron Stevenage FC 2022-2023 home football shirt has a white polo collar, which matches the color of the brand and sponsor logos on the front.

Stevenage FC 22-23 Away Kit

This is the new Macron Stevenage FC away jersey for 2022-23.

The Macron Stevenage FC 22-23 away jersey is based on the same template and is mainly purple with a subtle graphic on the front and white logos.

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