Unique Ternana Calcio 22-23 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

The new Ternana Calcio home, away and third shirts were released today. They are made by Macron and will be worn in the 2022-2023 Serie B.

Ternana Calcio 22-23 Home Kit

This is the Ternana Calcio 2022-2023 home football shirt, made by Macron.

Introducing a classic stripes look, the Macron Ternana Calcio 2022-2023 home shirt combines 4 green with 3 red stripes on the front. The red stripes feature the names of all players that won promotion to Serie A in 1972, while the green stripes come with geometrical shapes.

Black shorts and socks complete the new Macron Ternana Calcio 22-23 strip.

Ternana Calcio 22-23 Away Kit

This is the new Macron Ternana Calcio away shirt for 2022-2023.

The Macron Ternana Calcio 2022-2023 away jersey is mainly white with red and green stripes running diagonally from the shoulders to the center of the chest. The sleeve cuffs and V-neck are white with red and green trim.

White shorts and socks round off the look of the new Ternana Calcio 2022-2023 away strip by Macron.

Ternana Calcio 22-23 Third Kit

Check out Macron's Ternana Calcio 2022-23 third jersey below.

Paying homage to the club's loyal supporters, the Macron Ternana Calcio 2022-2023 third jersey is mainly black with a striking depiction of the organised supporters in the Ternana end. This graphic conisists of banners of the two Ternana supporter groups.

Macron combines the Ternana Calcio 2022-23 third shirt with black shorts and socks.

Available since June 18, the Macron Ternana Calcio 2022-23 home, away and third jerseys retail at €83.

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