Coventry 22-23 Third Kit Released

The new Coventry third kit was released today. It is made by Hummel and will be worn in the 22-23 Championship.

Coventry 22-23 Third Kit

Check out Hummel's Coventry 22-23 third jersey below.

The Hummel Coventry City 22-23 third shirt is completely bespoke to Coventry City, paying homage to the world-famous Coventry Cathedral.

Inspired by the Baptistery Window at the Cathedral, the Hummel Coventry 22-23 third jersey is black with an eye-catching design that replicates the style of the window.

Inside the back of the shirt are the words ‘We’ve Got One To Spare’, in reference to the song sung by Sky Blues supporters about the City’s Cathedrals and this shirt also being the Third Kit.

Both the sleeves and the back are plain black

Black/blue shorts and socks round off the look of the new Coventry 2022-2023 third uniform by Hummel.

Available since August 26, the Hummel Coventry 2022-2023 third jersey retails at 50 GBP.

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Made by Hummel. Do you like Coventry City's third shirt? Comment below.