Danubio 22-23 90th Anniversary Kit Released

Danubio's new 22-23 90th anniversary shirt was released yesterday. It is made by Umbro and will be worn in next season's Uruguayan Primera División campaign.

Danubio 22-23 90th anniversary Kit

This is the Danubio 2022-23 90th anniversary shirt, made by Umbro.

The Umbro Danubio 2022-2023 90th anniversary shirt is white with a black sash running through the crest. A graphic print of hand drawn designs covers the Umbro Danubio 2022-2023 90th anniversary football shirt, the most visible of them being within the sash. Black Umbro taping runs from the tops of the shoulders to the end of sleeves.

Black accents feature on the collar and cuffs, while black stripes are visible only at the bottom of the back of the Umbro Danubio 2022-2023 90th anniversary shirt.

The shorts of the Danubio 22-23 90th anniversary uniform are black.

Made by Umbro. Are you a fan of Danubio's 90th anniversary kit? Comment below.