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First Ever: Lille 22-23 Fourth Shirt to Be Released By the End of the Year

Ligue 1 club Lille will release a fourth kit for the 22-23 season before the end of the year. The shirt will pay tribute to the northern region of France where the club is based.

Lille to Release Fourth Shirt

During a tv interview, club president Olivier LĂ©tang announced that Lille will release a fourth kit by the end of this year. The shirt will be a tribute to the north of France and in particular to the Hauts-de-France region where the city of Lille is located. The Lille 22-23 third shirt was released yesterday and currently has a high rating of 4.3 on Football Kit Archive.

Lille released a special anniversary shirt in the 19-20 season but this will be the first time in their history that they will have a designated fourth kit. The club have a decent set of kits already for the 22-23 season, do you think New balance will come up with a good fourth shirt for them?

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