MLS 2022 All Star Kit Released - Non-Stop 3 Stripes

MLS's new 2022 All Star kit was released today. It is made by Adidas and will be worn against the Liga MX All-Stars on August 10 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

MLS 2022 All Star Kit

This is the new Adidas MLS All Star football shirt for 2022.

Introducing a no-nonsense look, the Adidas MLS 2022 All Star shirt combines a dark grayish-blue main colour with maroon 3 Stripes on the sleeves, which look slightly blueish from different angles. Interestingly, the 3 Stripes run all the way to the cuffs.

The 'Target' logo on the chest is white, while the MLS and adidas logos are applied in a very subtle tonal manner on the chest with an iridescent effect.

A jocktag in the shape of Minnesota is present on the lower left front, while a custom light blue 'MN22' graphic with wings graces the upper back.

Available since August 1, the Adidas MLS 2022 All Star football shirt retails at $89.99.

Made by Adidas. What's your opinion on MLS's All Star kit? Comment below.