Unused Ireland 2022 Away Kit Prototype Revealed

@JohnnyCourtenay on twitter has given us a look at an unreleased Ireland prototype away kit that inverts the colours of the final design.

Ireland 2022 Away Kit Prototype

The prototype shirt is black with orange sections on the shoulders and a spray-paint fade effect, bordered by green lines. Ireland's actual away jersey that was released at the end of last year has the exact same design but with the black and orange inverted, giving a much louder final product.

It is only Ireland's second ever orange kit, and was released 25 years after the first one, which was only worn in two games and is a sought-after item for collectors. The black prototype would have been a safer choice, but the FAI obviously decided to go with the more eye-catching version in the end.

Ireland's 1996 away shirt in action.

Which shirt is better in your opinion, the orange version or the black prototype? Comment below.