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Exclusive: Revolutionary? Adidas to Release All-New Speed Sense Football Boots

Adidas will bring out a special football boot ahead of the 2022 World Cup, which we can exclusively leak. They are called "Adidas Speed Sense".

Adidas Speed Sense - Colorway & Features Unknown

The Adidas 'Speed Sense' football boots are special-edition football boots and no regular new silo, at least for now.

Looking at tech and colorway tech, we have no concrete info about the Adidas Speed Sense boots yet.

The Adidas Speed Sense are certainly very innovative

However, the high price tag (320 USD), the launch date (shortly ahead of the World Cup), and the fact that they are a one-off release indicate that Adidas have something very innovative/revolutionary in the pipeline. Stay tuned as we hope to get some more info about them.

adidas Speed Sense - Features

  • Features Not Known Yet
  • Price: USD 320
  • Colorway: Unknown
  • Release date: 3 October 2022

The new Adidas Speed Sense boots are set to be available from 3 October 2022, retailing at USD 320. They are certainly a limited-edition release.

Do you look forward to seeing the Adidas Speed Sense soccer cleats? Comment below, and have a look at the Boot Calendar for more Adidas football boots.