Are 22-23 Authentic Kits Overpriced?

Are thinking about getting one of the new 22-23 club kits? If so, it makes a big difference if you want the authentic or replica version - We compare the prices of the 2022-2023 football kits of four brands - Adidas, New Balance, Nike, and Puma.

2022-2023 Soccer Jersey Prices

Prices for 22-23 football kits are the same as last year, with the exception of authentic kits, which have become more expensive.

Nike's authentic jerseys are very expensive in the USA and UKIn the EU, the pricing of Adidas, Nike, and Puma is identical - all want 90 Euro (90 USD) for replica kits, while they charge you 140 Euro for the authentic variants.

Meanwhile, in the USA and the UK pricing is more different, especially from Nike. Nike charge you an incredible 170 USD (Adidas, Puma: 140 USD) for authentic kits in the USA, and 115 GBP (Adidas, Puma: 100 GBP) in the UK. You have read correctly - Nike want 170 USD for 2022-2023 authentic kits, 30 USD more than Adidas and Puma.

Fans are willing to pay a high price for authentic jerseys, especially in the USAOf course, it is logical that there is a gap between authentic and replica kit prices, but it is certain that production costs for both are nearly the same. The reason for the high prices of authentic kits is simple - fans are willing to pay much more for "the shirts worn by the players".

In the USA and the big US sports, jerseys are even more expensive than soccer jerseys. Nike have three versions of their NFL jerseys - the high-end Vapor Elite jerseys retail at more than 350 USD, the second-tier Limited retail at 170 USD, and the third-tier Game jerseys retail at 130 UD.

Macron only have one version of their kitsMeanwhile, New Balance are fairer with their 22-23 kit prices - replica just cost you 80 Euro, while authentic kits are available for 110 Euro.

Some brands like Italian manufacturer Macron have no different authentic/replica variants of their kits - Macron sell the same kits worn by the players, and that for 90 Euro.

We have no info on how kit prices will be in the 2023-2024 season but many things indicate that they will be higher than before.

Are authentic kits overpriced?

So, are authentic kits too expensive? There are two answers - in terms of production costs, they are overpriced. In terms of the value for fans, they are rightly priced.

What do you think of brands wanting so much for an authentic jersey? Do you think prices will rise soon? Comment below.