Nottingham Forest Needlessly Wear Yellow Third Shirt Away From Home Against Manchester City

Yesterday, Nottingham Forest played against current Premier League title holders Manchester City, and they had to learn the hard way that the Premier League is the toughest football club competition in the world as they lost 6-0 in a very one-sided affair.

However, Nottingham Forest also broke a very unique streak yesterday by deciding to wear their new yellow third shirt, which was not necessary at all. Normally, Nottingham Forest wears their red home jersey away from home against Manchester City's light blue home kit. Let us potentially find out why.

Nottingham Forest Wears Third Shirt Against Manchester City

Check out some pictures of the game below.

Nottingham Forest unnecessarily changed to an alternative shirt away from home without the club being required to - something that they did not do at all for 4 full seasons and 2 more games this season.

One possible explanation for Nottingham Forest being required to change their football shirt could be that the newly promoted Premier League club did not register change shorts and a clash of shorts (white vs white in this case) is prohibited in the Premier League.

A more likely explanation are commercial reasons, and giving the new Nottingham Forest 2022-2023 third kit a lot of exoosure in one of Nottingham Forest's biggest games of the season.

What do you think? Why did Nottingham Forest wear their third shirt away from home against Manchester City? Drop us a line below.