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To be Worn by Mane and Sterling? Fascinating Next-Gen New Balance 22-23 Boots Released

New Balance this week release the next generations of their Furon and Tekela football boots. And they do so in style with the ultra-limited First Edition 'Gold Pack'.

It is not known but unlikely that Mane and Sterling will wear them

We have no info if the New Balance 2022-2023 'Gold Pack' soccer boots will be worn by the brand's key athletes like Sadio Mane and Raheem Sterling.

New Balance 2022-2023 First Edition 'Gold Pack' - Football Boots - Next-Gen Furon v7 and Tekela v4

The 2022-2023 next-generation Furon and Tekela First Edition soccer cleats boast stunning designs in black and gold. They come with tonal logos, sparkling gold effects, and metallic gold elements for the sole plate.

In terms of tech, both the Furon and Tekela have been heavily upgraded from the previous generations. It is safe to say that both cleats are anything but classic football boots.

New Balance Furon V7 First Edition

Made for speed and lockdown, the New Balance Furon v7 features a superlight Hypoknit upper, designed to stretch and support the foot.

The next-generation New Balance Furon v7 comes with an odd lacing system called ASYM LACING. The off-set lacing system features cored-out canopy to increase strike zone and provide lockdown.

The outsole and stud configuration was created using players' data.

New Balance Tekela v4 First Edition

The New Balance Tekela v4 is the brand's laceless control model. It features a full-foot stretch-knit upper with minimal texture and weight. It is surely one of the most futuristic football shoe silo on the market.

Both boots are super-limited but there is no number of how many were produced

The New Balance 2022-23 First Edition football boots retail at 270 Euro. They are "super-limited" but the exact quantity of how many pairs were produced has not been disclosed yet.

Do you like what NB do in terms of football boots? Do you like the innovative approach? Comment below.