Real Betis Update Logo

We have news from La Liga, as Real Betis have unveiled a new, updated version of their current logo. Along with that, the club's brand identity has seen major improvements.

Betis New Logo

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Betis' old and new crests. Upon first inspection, one might not see all the differences, as they are quite subtle apart from the colours.

The crown above the famous triangle has been slighty simplified and moved upward. The cross at the top is now more visible after being enlarged. Inside the central circle, the lettering was also slightly adjusted.

The colour palette of the club was newly defined with green at the center. 'Green Betis', 'White Azahar', 'Black Quejío', 'Gold Legend' and 'Blue 1907' are the official colour names.

A new typography selection was developed exclusively for Betis by renowned typographer Eduardo Manso. It helps lend the club a unique and more modern look.

What do you think of Betis' new logo? Were the changes necessary? Comment below.