5 Possible Inter Milan 23-24 Home Kits

For the 2023-2024 season, Italian club Inter Milan will return to yellow applications and logos. What will their 23-24 home kit look like? While there are no more concrete design leaks, concept designers have imagined possible looks.

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Classic stripes or not? There is no design leak yet

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Nike 23-24 Inter Milan Home Concepts/Predictions

The Nike Inter 23-24 home kit combines the team's classic black and blue colors with a saturated yellow.

A second star appears very unlikely currently

Indeed, it is the first time that yellow is used for a home kit since Inter launched their new club crest. We strongly expect the Internazionale 2023-24 home kit to have a recolored yellow/black crest.

Even though it appears very unlikely in Inter's current situation, their 23-24 kits would feature a second star if they win the 2022-23 Serie A. They currently have 19 titles.

by @lfcunion_kits

Inspired by Nike's blue, black, and yellow Inter kits of the early 2000s, the Nike Inter 23-24 concept by lfcunion has an eye-catching yellow seam.

The last stripe on the side has a snake pattern, adding a modern and bespoke touch.

by Bruno Fonseca

The Inter Milan 2023-24 home kit prediction by Bruno Fonseca has a modern yet classic stripes look.

by @marciozhugo_

The Inter 23-24 home concept by Marciozhugo has classic stripes with a subtle design pattern.

by @nannismo_kitcreator

The Inter 23-24 concept by Nannismo perfectly highlights Nike's template. It has stripes only on the front panel, while both the sleeves and collar area are black.

by @marenghi.filippo

@marenghi.filippo uses less yellow for his concept than all other designers. It creates a clean look that lets the yellow logos stand out.

Do you like that Inter return to yellow applications for the 23-24 home kit? Comment below.