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9 2023-2024 Kit Leaks & Predictions

Various info about the 2023-2024 football kits has been leaked in the past few weeks. Concept creator Conor James (@cj23designs) has made a set of 2023-24 jerseys, offering a look at nine 2023-24 kits.

You can create your own kits using FIFA Kit Creator

The concept designer created his designs using FIFA Kit Creator, an online tool for creating custom football kits. You can check out all of his concepts on FIFA Kit Creator Showcase.

Rumored & Leaked Kits For 2023-24

The 23-24 kit designs by Conor James are either based on leaked info or actual leaks. The PSG 23-24 home kit is likely the shirt closest to the final design, while some like Inter's and Atletico's 23-24 home uniforms could only feature the correct colors but incorrect designs.

All percentages are approximate

We compare each concept with what got leaked and give each a percentage of how accurate it is.

Atlético Madrid 23-24 Home Kit - Accuracy >65%

So far, only the colors and basic design info (classic stripes) about the Atlético Madrid 23-24 home kit were leaked. The prediction by Conor James is exactly the same as ours - it has an accuracy of above 65%.

Atletico de Madrid Home Shirt 2023-24
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Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit - Accuracy >80%

The Barcelona 23-24 kit will probably be the most classic kit of the Catalan club in recent years. The render has an accuracy of at least 80%.

Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit - Accuracy >80%

The Barcelona 23-24 away kit is the first white away shirt of Barcelona since the 1970s. We expect the prediction to be very similar to the final design.

Nike Chelsea 23-24 Home Kit - Accuracy >85%

The Chelsea 23-24 illustration is again based on our prediction. It should be pretty close to the final design.

Nike Chelsea 2023-24 Home Kit
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Inter 23-24 Home Shirt - Accuracy >60%

Only the colors of Inter's 23-24 home kit are known yet. We expect the final kit to have no classic stripes but a radical new look.

Inter Milan Home Shirt 2023-24
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PSG 23-24 Shirt - Accuracy >90%

PSG's 23-24 kit is certainly only a little bit off. The small white stripes are rumored to go to the bottom on both sides.

Juventus 2023-24 Jersey - Accuracy >85%

Based on the leak of Juventus kit experts La Maglia Bianconera, the render of the Juventus 23-24 kit could be very accurate. The Jeep logo will be gold on the official kit most likely and not the electric used in the 22-23 season.

Flamengo 2023-24 Home Jersey - Accuracy >85%

For the Flamengo 23-24 jersey, Conor James' took our exclusive Flamengo 23-24 home kit leak but applied some changes. Our leak should be almost 100% correct, the concept is off for the collar and the sleeves.

Flamengo 2023-24 Away Jersey - Accuracy >85%

The case for the Adidas Flamengo 23-24 away shirt is the same as for the home. Our leak should be almost totally accurate, while the render of Conor James is a bit off.

Which is your favorite 23-24 kit (info) so far? Which kit do you look forward to the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.