All 2022 World Cup Kits Sorted by Colours

The 2022 World Cup will kick off in less than a month and the preparations are in full swing. Thankfully, graphic designer @joacoguiraldes created a colour wheel for the World Cup 2022 home and away kits. Let us find out more below.

Colour Wheels for World Cup 2022 Football Shirts

Check out all World Cup 2022 jerseys on a colour wheel below.

Interestingly, the colour wheel reveals that a large chunk of the World Cup home shirts are predominantly red (13/32 - 41%), while 9 out of 32 kits are simply white. Apart from that, 4 kits are blue, 2 are green and another 4 are yellow/orange.

Colourwise, things become less interesting regarding the World Cup away shirts, since 15 out of 32 kits are mainly white. This is down to boring designs and FIFA's regulations to avoid kit clashes, as they demand one light and one dark football shirt. Additionally, there are 8 blue kits, 2 green kits, one yellow kit, 4 red kits and 2 black jerseys.

What do you think of the 2022 World Cup kits? What do you think of the colour distribution? Drop us a line below.