How Could an Arsenal Kit Look Like in 2029-30?

Some weeks ago, Adidas and Arsenal extended their partnership until at least 2030. How could Arsenal's kits look in the 2029-2030 season? While it can surely not be said how football kits will look in 2029-2030, we have made a compilation of Adidas x Arsenal concepts that we could imagine for 2030.

You can create your own Arsenal 2029-2030 concept kit using FIFA Kit Creator

The Arsenal concepts were created for FIFA Kit Creator by twelve different users of the fantastic online tool.

Modern Adidas Arsenal Concept Kits

All the Arsenal Adidas concept kits have one-of-a-kind designs with eye-catching graphic elements. We can well imagine that brands will release even more eye-catching/extreme designs than they do today, so these concepts could be not far off.

Other ideas Adidas might have for the future could be a comeback of the old Adidas Trefoil logo, a mixture of past designs with modern shapes, or the (radical) introduction of a white upper half for Arsenal's home kit.

There could be also a simplistic retro trendWe could also imagine that a counter-trend to extreme many of today's extreme designs could start in the future. The result could be very simple, retro designs with as less eye-catching design elements as possible.

Arsenal Home Concept by @redthirtynine

Arsenal Concept by RTxJC Kits

Adidas 90 - Arsenal 23/24 3rd by Marciozhugo

Arsenal Away Concept by demungos

Arsenal Away Remake Concept using Stevezz Template by elmagico2003

Arsenal Away Concept by @cydental_kits

ARSENAL AWAY by @drsxsky

Arsenal Away Kit Concept

Arsenal Adidas Pink Third Shirt by OscarXray

Arsenal Adidas Anti-Racism Kit Concept by OscarXray

Arsenal 4th by Marciozhugo

Adidas Arsenal Goalkeeper by soccer_addict1

Do you like that Adidas will make Arsenal's kits until 2030? Do you think the Three Stripes will create similar designs in 2029? Comment below.