"Improved" Brazil 2022 World Cup Kits

Twitter account @FSYQatar are running a contest to redesign Brazil's World Cup away kit using the elements from the original but in a different manner.

"Improved" Brazil 2022 World Cup Away Kits

Brazil's official 2022 away shirt by Nike.

@FSYQatar challenged kit designers to improve Brazil's 2022 World Cup away kit while using the existing elements. The shirt Nike created for them is blue with a green jaguar print on the sleeves.

Designer @_lex_ds has taken the jaguar print and applied it to the upper chest and sleeves of the shirt, fading as it reaches the middle. The neckline and cuffs are free of accent colours, meaning the pattern takes all the attention.

@BM_Casacas also spread the jaguar print around while simultaneously zooming in on it, with patches on the bottom of the left sleeve and bottom right of the shirt fading into blue. The green used is more vibrant and also appears on the trim on the cuffs and collar, as well as replacing the yellow of the badge.

Which design do you prefer? Did they achieve what was asked of them in the design brief, to improve the shirt? Are either of them better than Brazil's 2022 away shirt? Comment below.