"Improved" England 2022 World Cup Home Kits

Twitter account @FSYQatar ran a design contest to redesign England's World Cup home kit using the same elements but in a different manner.

"Improved" England 2022 World Cup Home Kits

England's official 2022 home shirt by Nike.

@FSYQatar challenged kit designers to improve England's 2022 World Cup home kit while keeping all of the existing elements. In the case of this shirt, the primary design feature is the blue to navy gradient effect on the shoulders, while the rest of the shirt is plain white.

Designed by @WMarcello11

Designers @WMarcello11 and @husjoncept went for two different approaches, with the former keeping the existing template but inverting the gradient so the darkest part is on the end of the sleeves and the tops of the shoulders are white. @husjoncept relocated the gradient to the bottom of the shirt, made the weave pattern more visible and switched out the round neck for a polo collar tipped with navy and blue.

Designed by @husjoncept

Which design do you prefer? Did they achieve what was asked of the in the design brief, to improve the shirt? Are either of them better than England's 2022 home shirt? Comment below.