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"Improved" Spain 2022 World Cup Away Kits

Twitter account @FSYQatar are running a contest to redesign Spain's World Cup away kit using the elements from the original but in a different manner.

"Improved" Spain 2022 World Cup Away Kits

Spain's official 2022 away shirt by Adidas.

@FSYQatar challenged kit designers to improve Spain's 2022 World Cup away kit while using the existing elements. The shirt in question is light blue with a wave and line patterns that both make use of gradients to create the effect of motion.

Designed by @baraestudiofut

Designer @baraestudiofut kept the base colour and rotated the pattern 90 degrees so that the waves run vertically and the thin lines become horizontal. The shoulder stripes and cuffs are a dark blue while the colours of the Spain flag are found on the round neck collar.

Designed by @santifuentesTW

@santifuentesTW went for a more radical redesign, darkening the base colour significantly, removing the waves altogether and lengthening the pinstripe gradient. The Spanish flag is found in the panel at the v neck opening as well as on the cuffs.

Which design do you prefer? Did they achieve what was asked of them in the design brief, to improve the shirt? Are either of them better than Spain's 2022 away shirt? Comment below.