Porto GK Kit Clashes With Own Players

There was an interesting choice of kits in the UEFA Champions League from yesterday's match between Brugge and Porto, as noted by @JimHearson.

Porto Goalkeeper and Outfield Players All Wear Yellow Kit

Here is what could be seen during the live broadcast last night.

As you can see, Porto made the odd choice of having their goalkeeper wear yellow, even though their yellow away kit was being used. The two shirts have slightly different shades of the colour, however the only truly contrasting elements are the shorts and socks.

For the outfield players, an off-white pair of shorts and socks compliment the pale yellow away kit. Goalkeeper Diogo Costa wore an all-yellow outfit, which has a slightly orange tone.

In our opinion, the decision to have such similar match wear between a goalkeeper and the outfield players makes no sense. Porto should have produced a GK kit that avoids clashes with yellow and black/blue, perhaps red or orange would have sufficed.

In this regard, Porto's three GK options are exposed as somewhat useless. Two of them are more or less incompatible with the yellow away kit, being shades of yellow themselves. Unfortunately, the black GK shirt was not available as an option against Brugge, who play in black and blue.

What do you think of the lack of contrast between Porto's goalkeeper and the other players? Comment below.