Would This Have Been the Better Manchester City 22-23 Away Kit?

Puma's new 22-23 kits for Australian club Melbourne City would make some fitting Manchester City kits. We take a look at how a Manchester City 22-23 away kit would have looked with the design of Melbourne City.

Melbourne City are part of the City Football Group, which own Manchester City and 10 other clubs.

Manchester City 22-23 Away Kit Concept With Melbourne City Design

The Puma Melbourne City 2022-2023 away shirt has a white and two-tone-red striped design. It is a design that would fit Manchester City without any problems.

We created a mock-up with Manchester City's logos, showing off that Manchester City could get easily get the same away shirt from Puma, and fans wouldn't be unhappy.

Indeed, Manchester City have had red and white stripes in the late 1980s, and black/red stripes at various times in their history.

But it is not only the away shirt that would fit Manchester City - both the Melbourne City 2022-2023 home and third kits would also make fitting Manchester City jerseys.

Manchester City vs Melbourne City 22-23 Home Kits

Manchester City vs Melbourne City 22-23 Away Kits

Manchester City Keeper vs Melbourne City 22-23 3rd Kits

It will be interesting to see if Puma will release similar Manchester City kits in the future.

Do you prefer Melbourne City's 22-23 kits over those of Manchester City? Comment below.