Update: All 2022 World Cup Kit Matches Revealed

Update: We now get a look at every player kit combo worn in the 2022 World Cup group stage (big thanks to @Wiki_Kits_BR).

2022 World Cup Group Stage - All Player Kit Matchups

There are various interesting kit choices - for example, in Group E, Germany will play in all-white two times, Spain will only play in all-red, and will only use their home kit. We get no look at the goalkeeper jerseys worn in these matches, unfortunately.

Belgium, Cameroon, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Senegal, South Korea, Spain & Wales

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FIFA today published the kit matchups of every 2022 World Cup group stage game, giving us an early look at every kit combo to be used in the Qatar 2022 World Cup group stage.

The information is not available to the general public but only to registered mediaUnfortunately, the information about the 2022 World Cup kit matchups is not available to the general public. So far, only the kit matchups of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay have become available to the wide public. We have to rely on officially registered media to publish the others.

2022 World Cup Kit Matchups - Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay

First and foremost, the 2022 World Cup kit matchups of Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay do not reveal any major surprises. There is no player kit we have not seen before, excepting some possible but unlikely cases where only a basic draft of the kit is displayed.

Mexico's keeper will wear a mismatched color combo vs ArgentinaWhen it comes to uniform combos, there are some interesting observations. Mexico's keeper will wear a combo of a red shirt and blue/sky blue socks, and Argentina will combine their home with black shorts and socks in every match.

We also get a look at some unknown goalkeeper kit colorways, but all of these are based on teamwear (or only drafts of them exist). Brazil will not wear their black and yellow goalkeeper jersey in a group stage.


Argentina will wear the home kit against Saudia Arabia and Mexico, while they will wear the away kit against Poland.


Brazil will wear their home kit vs Serbia and Switzerland. The away kit will be used against Cameroon - this might be not optimal against their green home kit but surely distinguishable.


Uruguay will also wear their home kit in two of the three 2022 World Cup group matches.

Do you look forward to the rest of the 2022 World Cup kit matchups? Of which kit matchup are you most surprised? Let us know in the comments below.