Canada First Team Since 2014 To Wear 3rd Kit at World Cup

Third shirts at a FIFA World Cup are a rare sight, one that we had not seen since 2014. Most nations, when complying with the strict kit regulations, manage to face off against one another without the need for such outfits.

Canada First Team Since Spain to Wear 3rd Kit

Up until this weekend, Spain were the last side to have worn a third jersey at a World Cup. This came in their infamous opening 5-1 defeat to the Netherlands.

The circumstances back then were such that FIFA deemed Spain's regular home and away shirts (red and black) to be too dark for Holland's navy kits. Therefore, even though they were the designated home team, the Spanish were forced to produce a white third kit.

It is common practice for national teams to only receive a home and away shirt from their manufacturers. However, Canada were one of the few teams at the 2022 World Cup to come with three jerseys.

Their third kit was worn against Croatia, who of course played in their white kits with red checkers.

Without Canada's all-black third option, we think FIFA may have prevented Croatia from wearing their home kits, as Canada's red and white shirts could cause a clash.

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