Diego's Career in Shirts

Brazilian footballer Diego Ribas da Cunha, simply known as Diego, is retiring this month, at the age of 37. We want to take a brief look back at his football career in terms of shirts.


The gifted central attacking midfielder started his professional career in his home nation at Santos FC, joining Porto in 2004.

His most famous spell in Germany began in 2006 with Werder Bremen. After one season at Juventus, Diego moved back to the Bundesliga in 2010, playing for Wolfsburg and later Atletico Madrid.

A brief stay at Fenerbahce was followed by a move to Flamengo in 2016, where he still played this season. Diego racked up multiple domestic league and cup titles, as well as the Europa League in 2012 and the Copa Libertadores (2019 and 2022).

Santos 2002

Santos 2003

Santos 2004

Porto 2004-05

Porto 2005-06

Werder 2006-07

Werder 2007-08

Werder 2008-09

Juventus 2009-10

Wolfsburg 2010-11

Atletico 2011-12

Wolfsburg 2012-13

Wolfsburg 2013-14 (until January 2014)

Atletico 2013-14 (from January 2014)

Fenerbahce 2014-15

Fenerbahce 2015-16

Flamengo 2016

Flamengo 2017

Flamengo 2018

Flamengo 2019

Flamengo 2020

Flamengo 2021

Flamengo 2022


Diego was first called up to play for Brazil back in 2003, however, he was only part of the 2004 and 2007 Copa America victories, never taking part in a World Cup. His final call-up was in 2017, when only players from Brazilian clubs were nominated.

He managed only 34 matches for the Seleção, scoring 4 goals.






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