All 2022 World Cup Quarter Finals Kit Matchups Revealed

Starting tomorrow, the last 8 remaining teams at the World Cup will compete in quarter finals stage of the tournament. Thanks to @Wiki_Kits_BR we know all four upcoming kit matchups.

2022 World Cup Quarter Final Brands & Duels

World Cup Quarter Final Kit Matchups

Here are the World Cup quarter-final kit choices.

Croatia will be continuing their unusual streak of wearing only their home kits throughout the entire World Cup. This is due to the fact that they are the designated home side against Brazil, who will wear their classic yellow with blue shorts and socks.

The Netherlands will wear their classic orange outfits with orange shorts and socks. Argentina are set to use their home shirts, paired with white shorts and socks.

There is no apparent reason why the South American side are not wearing black shorts and socks, though. The only factor we can think of is the referee, who will be wearing all black rather than just black shorts, as would happen with other colors.

A pleasant surprise comes in the form of England versus France. Rather than taking the easy route of all-white against all-navy, FIFA have gone for England's navy shorts and France's Tricolor.

Morocco will face off against Portugal in their regular red and green home outfits. This leaves the Portuguese no other choice but to wear their white away shirts and matching shorts and socks.

What do you think of these kit choices? Sould anything be done differently? Comment below.