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5 Possible Looks of the Bayern München 23-24 Away Kit

In late November 2022, we leaked that the FC Bayern München 2023-2024 away kit is going to have an uncommon color combo. Based on the leaked colors, several concept designers imagined how the kit could look.

All these FC Bayern Munich concept jerseys were created using FIFA Kit Creator, an online tool that allows creating custom football kits without any expert knowledge needed.

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Bayern München 23-24 Away Jersey - How it Could Look

The Bayern München 23-24 combines a black base with green and purple. It allows Adidas a never-seen-before look for the Bavarian club.

Nothing concrete about the design of the Bayern München 23-24 away kit is known yet, so we decided to include several different possible designs. It remains to be seen which of the concepts is the most accurate, but some could be very close to the official kit.

What is also not certain yet is the color of the logos. It appears more likely that they are purple and not green.

FC Bayern München 23-24 Mock-Up 1

The first mock-up is based on the design of FIFA Kit Creator guru @dmfroomer. We changed some little things -. we expect this to be quite similar to Adidas' design.

FC Bayern München 23-24 Mock-Up 2

The second FC Bayern Munich 23-24 away kit mock-up has a more unique and futuristic design. It was created by @SM10_kitcreator. We would love Adidas to come up with something similar.

FC Bayern München 23-24 Mock-Up 3

The third concept is a variation of the second time. This time, both the Three Stripes and Adidas logo are purple. The Telekom logo comes in white.

FC Bayern München 23-24 Mock-Up 4

The fourth mock-up is a variation of the first one. The purple is replaced with green, resulting in an even more unusual look for the Rekordmeister.

FC Bayern München 23-24 Mock-Up 5

The final concept is particularly interesting, even though it seems unlikely that Adidas come up with a similar kit. This is mainly because it has "three" prominent "main" colors, which is forbidden by UEFA Equipment Rules.

Do you like how black, green, and purple combine? Which is your favorite possible look? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and have a look at the 23-24 Kit Overview for more 23-24 football kit info.