Benzema Returns to Bandage After One (Friendly) Match Without

Update: Karim Benzema has put on his bandage again for the first La Liga match after the 2022 World Cup break after he did wear no bandage for the latest friendly against Getafe. There is no info on why he put on the bandage again, but everything indicates that his broken little finger on the right hand is still not completely ok.

Karim Benzema Wears Bandage In First La Liga Match After 2022 World Cup Break

23 December 2022: Benzema Removes Bandage After Almost 4 Years

Real Madrid superstar Karim Benzema has returned after the 2022 World Cup slightly different than expected. This has been spotted by French equipment specialists Footpack.

Benzema had been wearing the bandage since the Spring of 2019

Karim Benzema Plays First Match After 2022 World Cup Without Bandage

Real Madrid took on Getafe as part of their preparations for the La Liga return in a training game. In that match, Karim Benzema did wear not a bandage on his right hand. This was the first time since 2019 that he wore no bandage.

The reasons why Benzema removed the bandage have been not revealed

The reasons why Benzema did remove the bandage are not known. However, it appears possible that he finally found time for the much-needed operation. He did miss the 2022 World Cup with an injury.

Benzema needs/needed the bandage because he suffered an injury to his right hand in the spring of 2019 and aggravated the fracture. In January of that year, Benzema broke the little finger on his right hand in a match against Betis.

The original downtime would have been two months, and an operation would have been considered - but Benzema decided otherwise: The attacker waited with it for the time being until the end of the season and continued to play until then, but without letting the handicap affect him. With a bandage, of course.

In October 2022, Benzema was awarded the 2022 Ballon d'Or. Adidas celebrated the title not only with a special boot and a special number set but also with a golden bandage.

Real Madrid's next official match will show off if Benzema continues without the bandage

It remains to be seen if Benzema will continue to play without a bandage. Real Madrid will play their first La Liga match after the 2022 World Cup break on January 30 against Valladolid.

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