Kappa Red Star FC 125-Years Anniversary Kit Voted Best Kit of November 2022

Update: The Kappa Red Star FC 2022 125-year anniversary kit has been voted the best football kit of November 2022. It is also a success for the designee community - the shirt was designed by Football shirt influencer Phil Delves (@phildelves).

November 2022 - Kit of the Month - Podium

November 2022 - Kit of the Month - Results

November 2022 - Kit of the Month - New Profile Pic

The 2022 World Cup takes all the attention currently. Now, with the first free days since the opener more than two weeks ago, we look at the stunning football kits of November 2022 and let you vote for the best.

There have been many more kit launches than we expected

November 2022 - Kit of the Month

Even though the 2022 World Cup dominated the football world, teams released many kits, most of which were pretty good.

We particularly like three kits

Our favorite releases are the fan-designed South Africa 2023 third kit, the Toulouse 22-23 third kit, and the Como 1907 22-23 third kit.

In total, we have pre-selected 12 kits to choose from for the Best Kit of November 2022.

Are you surprised by the fact that teams released many new kits despite the World Cup and being outside any traditional release phase? Which is your favorite kit for November 2022, and why? Comment below.