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Tottenham 23-24 Away Kit Prediction

The release of the new Nike Tottenham 2023-2024 away kit is still more than half a year away. However, we already leaked the first info back in October - today, we take a look at how the kit could look.

We created our prediction of the Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2023-2024 away kit with FIFA Kit Creator. FIFA Kit Creator is an quite amazing tool that allows everyone to create their own (concept) kits.

Tottenham Hotspur Nike 2023-24 Away Shirt Mock-Up/Prediction

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur 23-24 "prediction" uses all the leaked info available. It has the main color Marine, combined with 'Hologram' logos, and purple as the tertiary color.

Indeed, 'Hologram' is actually Nike's name for iridescent logos. It is a first in the team's history that a kit have iridescent logos.

We expect the overall design of the Nike Tottenham 23-24 away kit to be simple, letting stand out the iridescent crest and Swoosh.

It remains to be seen which color the AIA sponsor logo will have, but white is most probable. Iridescent sponsor logos are practically forbidden by Equipment Regulations.

Stay tuned for more about the Tottenham Hotspur 2023-2024 kits in the coming months.

Tottenham 23-24 Away Kit

Tottenham Hotspur Away Shirt 2023-24
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