Morocco's World Cup Kit History

Morocco's presence at and contribution to the 2022 World Cup will not be forgotten in a hurry, but you may not be familiar with some of their previous campaigns. Take a look at how they were kitted out at each World cup they've played at.

Morocco World Cup Shirt History

In reaching the World Cup semi-finals, Morocco have progressed further than at any previous attempt, and they're not done yet. They reached the last 16 in 1986, their most successful run in the competition prior to this year, but also played at five other World Cups. Group stage elimination on the other occasions means that their kits from those years did may not be so well remembered, so for that reason, let's take a look back at all the kits they've used on the biggest stage.


Back in 1970 kit design was simplistic, and Morocco played in an unbranded dark red cotton shirt with a very deep, green v neck and cuffs. Tucked into their short shorts, these shirts fit in seamlessly with the general kit aesthetic of the time. The oversized badge is another giveaway for that era.


The next time they qualified, they had the pleasure of wearing kits from the masters of the genre, Adidas. A simple design once more, but based on an Adidas template, allowing for the inclusion of a nice amount of green trim and of course those three stripes on the shoulders.

The away kit inverted these colours, and the wide polo collar was very 80s indeed. The badge this time included the Olympic Rings. Seemingly created for the 1984 Olympics, the Atlas Lions were so fond of this crest they continued to use it on their kits until 1994.


Lotto took over kit duties from Adidas in 1994 and they changed things up a bit. Based on the template made infamous by Fiorentina's 92-93 away shirt, the pattern from the chest up had been modified since that incident to remove certain symbols, and the fade effect created a shade of pink in the middle of the shirt.

The giant badge in the middle ensured that there was no mistaking whose kit this was, however. There was also a matching green away kit.


Another World cup, another new kit maker. This time Puma were at the helm and produced some solid shirts based on a template the brand had most famously given to Lazio. Dark green was used on the home kit this year, with a broken red bar across the chest proving memorable enough to be used as remake fodder for their 2022 kit.

Their away shirt bore the same design but in white, while the switch to green home kits lasted until 2012.


Adidas had returned in 2012, although you could be forgiven for thinking that they had signed Morocco a few months before the 2018 World Cup and rushed out this very plain design. Green trim was absent from the jersey and white preferred. Clean and tidy, but nothing to get excited about.

The away shirt was another teamwear template - that had been used by plenty of clubs - in white and red.


A modernised take on the 1998 shirt with the colours reversed, this one is sure to earn a very special place in the hearts of Moroccan fans, regardless of what happens against France on Wednesday. A victim of Puma's insistence on homogenising all of their away kits, Morocco's is actually probably one of the better white offerings from the German brand this year. The use of two accent colours make the difference.

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