Special Multicolor Nike Fusion Phantom GX 2023 Boots Leaked

Update: Much better pictures of the unique Multicolor Nike Phantom GX football boots were leaked via Sample collector Kicksa luo luo (@kicksdong). They appear to be fully knitted in the heel area.

Nike have prepared a one-of-a-kind multicolor edition of the Phantom GX football boots. They are called "Nike Fusion Phantom GX".

It apparently also comes with slightly different techWe have no exact info on the tech, release date, and if they are strictly limited-edition release. They are called "Nike Fusion Phantom GX". It appears to be a similar "special" version as the launch edition of the Phantom GX, called the "Nike Gripknit Phantom GX".

Nike Phantom GX 'Fusion' - Multicolor

Check out the new Nike Phantom GX soccer cleats from the 'Fusion' collection below.

The multicolor Fusion Nike Phantom GX soccer cleats are black with multicolor threads, a Volt-outlined Swoosh, and a blue Nike Gripknit text. The sole plate iswhite.

Tech-wise, the multicolor Nike Phantom GX 'Fusion' soccer boots are almost identical to the launch edition, the "Gripknit Phantom GX". However, the collar and lower part plus the rear area of the upper appear to be a little different.

The Fusion version could offer more comfort and breathabilityThe collar and the non-touch area parts of the Nike Fusion Phantom GX seem to be fully knitted without an extra layer of Nike Gripknit. The first (Gripknit) Phantom GX has an extra layer of Gripknit.

Indeed, the Fusion version could offer more comfort with extra breathability and a more soft fit. This is not confirmed yet, however.

Nike Phantom GX 'Fusion' - Features

  • Special 'Fusion' edition of Nike Phantom GX
  • Exact special features not leaked yet
  • Made for passing control and shot accuracy
  • Two Models: Collared with lace cover, low-cut with a small lace area
  • Reduced Nike Gripknit: Sticky material that provides better touch to the ball, but only in important touch parts for SE edition
  • Nike Ghost Lacing System: Total lace cover (collared version), upper covers first two laces (low-cut version)
  • Asymmetry in the collar and heel provides comfort
  • Flyknit collar
  • Outsole: Tri-star studs (the highest number and biggest variety of any Nike cleat)
  • Price: USD 250 (EUR 240, GBP 190)
  • Colorway: Multicolor,Black/Volt/White/Blue Glow
  • Release date: February 2023

The Fusion Nike Phantom GX soccer boots from the new 'Fusion' collection are set to be available from around March 2023, retailing at around USD 280(EUR 280, GBP 250).

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