Full Tricolour Stripes Hidden on Inside of Adidas Italy Kits

Update: It turns out that Adidas did include full tricolour stripes on Italy's new kits, but they are hidden on the inside. Thanks to @ChatShirt and Alasone Football Shirt Reviews for sharing the discovery.

Tricolour Stripes on Inside of Adidas Italy Shirt

It has now become clear that not only the edges of the shoulder stripes on the authentic Adidas 2023 Italy home shirt are coloured, but the whole underside. When turned inside out, the Italian tricolour is visible in all its glory. A nice little easter egg for fans, but would you have preferred these full colour stripes on the outside? Comment below.

Original article:Italy's long-awaited Adidas kits were launched on Tuesday, giving us a better look at the more intricate details of the design, including how Adidas incorporated the Italian tricolour into the stripes.

Beautiful Tricolour Details Only on Authentic Adidas Italy Kits

Adidas have an ace up their sleeve when it comes to making international kits. Their three stripes give them the perfect outlet to incorporate the colours of a country, which works especially well for countries with a tricolour flag.

For their 2023 Italy home and away shirts, rather than go the obvious route with one green, one red and one white stripe, they opted for something much more subtle.

Authentic 2023 Adidas Italy home kit

The three stripes themselves appear all white (or all navy on the away) at first glance, but a closer look reveals that their edges are coloured to recreate the Italian flag. The same feature is present on the shorts. This colouring is not immediately visible when viewing the shirt from a distance but these kinds of minor details provide great satisfaction to kit collectors and fans. They also set the Italy shirts apart from Adidas' other recent international kits.

Difference in detailing on the shirts and shorts.

Unfortunately, this detail is only present on the authentic versions of both the shirt and the shorts. On the replica versions, all sides of the stripes are white (or navy on the away).

Replica Adidas Italy 2023 home shirt with all white stripes.

Both the authentic and replica versions of the shirt do however have the more evident tricolour strip that runs down the seam and across the back of the hemline. This detail is also used on both versions of the home shorts.

Authentic shorts with tricolour stripe detailing

Are you a fan of this minor detail? Should Adidas have applied to the replica versions too? Comment below.