De Graafschap Announce Robey Kit Deal - No More Hummel

Eerste Divisie (Dutch second division) side De Graafschap announced that they have signed a deal with Robey to be their official clothing partner starting next season.

That agreement means that the Dutch outfit have ended their partnership with Hummel, which started in the 2020-21 season.

De Graafschap Have a Memorable History With Robey

According to the club's official statement, Robey will be their official kit manufacturer for the next four seasons. Robey is not a new ally for the Dutch side as the local manufacturer sponsored the club back in the 1990-91 season, the year they won the Eerste Divisie.

Speaking about the new deal, De Graafschap's Hans Martijn Ostendorp expresses his joy stating that there's an immediate chemistry between the two. Moreover, They have already started work to develop next season's kit, but things seem still at an early stage.

"We immediately had a very good feeling about Robey from the very first conversations. There was a good chemistry right away," Ostendorp said.

"We look with great confidence to the next four seasons in which Robey will develop a fantastic De Graafschap shirt.

De Graafschap have been using Hummel for the past three seasons, but before they had collaborated with Nike for three years and Quick for the previous two seasons.

De Graafschap Kit History

Robey ensured that they will try to provide the best possible kit for the Superboeren and their fans. The Dutch-based manufacturers are looking to expand their influence in the Achterhoek area.

The sportswear also hope that De Graafschap can get promoted to Eredivisie as it will make their partnership more successful.

Robey De Graafschap Kit Deal - Fact Sheet

  • Duration: 4 years (2023-24 until 2026-27)
  • Previous Kit Partner: Hummel (partnership lasted 3 years)
  • Robey's Previous Sponsorship with De Graafschap: 1990-91 season (year De Graafschap won Eerste Divisie)
  • Goal of Robey: Provide the best possible kit for De Graafschap and their fans, expand influence in the Achterhoek area

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