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Find of the Century: 1982 Meyba Barcelona Kit Was Available For Just £6.99

Scottish football fan efe (@EfeAmbroseGOAT) shared his latest purchase on Twitter a couple of days ago, an extremely rare 1980s Barcelona shirt by Meyba for an incredibly low price.

Vintage Meyba Barcelona Shirt Found in Charity Shop

There are few things more satisfying than getting a good bargain, even more so when the item happens to be very rare. Twitter user @EfeAmbroseGOAT couldn't believe his luck when he came across a 1980s Barcelona jersey made by Meyba on sale in a charity shop for just £6.99 and so picked it up immediately.

Shirts like that are usually priced well above £100 by vintage football kit retailers, as the image below from Classic Football Shirts demonstrates. These prices are certainly steep, but retailers get away with such high valuations because the target market for these rare pieces are passionate collectors who are often willing to splash out on their most wanted items. As the saying goes, they are worth as much as you're willing to pay for them.

Meyba Barcelona products at

For shirt fans who aren't in a position to part with so much cash for a jersey, markets and second-hand shops can be a great place to find more reasonably priced offerings, even to uncover a few gems if you're lucky.

Have you ever had a find like this Barcelona shirt? If you came across a rare jersey at a very low price, would you inform the seller of its potential value or would you make the most of the opportunity and buy it for yourself? Let us know in the comments.