Manchester United 23-24 Kit Photoshoot Leaked?

A "leaked photoshoot" of the 2023/2024 Adidas Manchester United away kit has surfaced on Reddit, but it's not real.

Exclusive: Manchester United 23-24 Away Kit Design Leaked

Photoshop: Manchester United 23-24 Away Kit 'Fake' Photoshoot

Prediction vs Photoshoot Photoshop: Both are NOT the final version new Adidas Manchester United Football Club third shirt for 2023-24.

The Adidas Manchester United FC 2023-24 away jersey seen in the picture is not the actual kit. Instead, the images are based on a render created by Footy Headlines and the final design will differ.

What unmasks that the fake are also the numbers. They are white on a striped dark green/white background. The official kit would either feature red numbers or a solid bo/solid back for the kit typeface.

Photoshoots are not done six months in advance for severe reasonsIn addition. these photoshoots are typically only done at the end of the season or shortly before the kit's official launch. What is sure is that Adidas won't do photoshoots for next season's kits six months in advance.

Stay tuned as we hope to receive more information about the Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 kits in the coming weeks.

Manchester United Fake Photoshoot - Summary

  • Leaked photoshoot of 2023/2024 Adidas Manchester United away kit are 100% photoshopped
  • Based on a render created by Footy Headlines
  • Final design will differ
  • Photoshoots typically done at end of season or shortly before official launch

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