NEC Nijmegen 22-23 Third Kit Released

NEC Nijmegen's new 2022-23 third shirt was unveiled a few days ago. It is made by Legea and was debuted in NEC's KNVB Cup clash against Almere City.

The Nijmegen 22-23 home and away kits were already released in July last year.

NEC Nijmegen 22-23 Third Kit

This is the new Legea NEC Nijmegen third shirt for 22-23.

The third kit has a different design than the previous two kits, notably in its base color while also having simpler details.

The new jersey has a black color base with red additions, mostly for logos along with other finishes.

Another interesting addition to the third kit is the power of magic text at the back. The kit's black and red color is also a subtle reference to the "NEC has all three" song.

The Legea NEC Nijmegen 2022-23 third jersey is also being released with accompanying shorts that have the same black and red color combination.

The Legea NEC Nijmegen 2022-2023 third football shirt is being released as a limited edition though, so there are only limited numbers of stocks available.

So far, the jersey has been a positive one for them as they picked up a 4-0 win against Almere in their first game wearing it.

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