No More Tovio - Macron Niger 2023 Home & Away Kits Released

Niger's new 2023 home and away kits were released last month. They are made by Macron, who are replacing Tovio.

Niger 2023 Home Kit
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Niger 2023 Home Kit

This is the Niger 2023 home jersey, made by Macron.

Based on the Rigel Hero teamwear jersey, the Macron Niger 2023 home shirt is quite simple, featuring a plain white base with black Macron logos and a line on each shoulder.

The only standout feature is the graphic of Niger's flag on the front of the chest, resembling paint brush strokes. The tricolored flag also appears near the end of each sleeve.

Macron combines the Niger 2023 home shirt with white or orange shorts and white socks.

Niger 2023 Away Kit

This is the Niger 2023 away shirt, made by Macron.

The Macron Niger 2023 away jersey is based on the same template, this time in orange with white Macron logos. The same graphic of the flag also appears on the front.

Orange shorts and socks round off the look of the new Niger 2023 away uniform by Macron.

The Macron Niger 2023 home and away jerseys retail at €80.

We think there is a chance these teamwear kits may be temporary, since the Macron deal was only signed in October. The Italian brand have had similar procedures with other African nations, first giving them teamwear, and then advancing to bespoke designs.

Niger 2023 Home Kit
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