Sampdoria Pay Tribute to Vialli and Mihajlovic With a Special Kit Inscription

Sampdoria wore a special jersey in the club's Serie A tie against Napoli as a tribute to their legends Gianluca Vialli and Sinisa Mihajlovic who passed away recently.

Sampdoria Tribute to Vialli and Mihajlovic

The special shirt has the engraving of Vialli and Mihajlovic's initials along with the eternity sign in between. The Luca and Sinisa engraving was placed inside the match jersey's collar.

Aside from wearing the special jersey with Luca-Sinisa collar, during warm-up, La Samp players entered the pitch wearing Vialli named jersey on their back.

Before the match started, Sampdoria's coaching staff also unfold both Vialli and Mihajlovic jerseys from the dugout. Unfortunately, La Samp couldn't marked the tribute night with a win as they were beaten 2-0 by current league leader, Napoli.

Vialli was a legendary figure for the Blucerchiati as he played for them from 1984 to 1992 before moving to Juventus.

During his time at Sampdoria, he helped them win several titles especially the Scudetto in the 1990-1991 season.

The former striker sadly passed away on January 6, 2023, after losing his battle against cancer. Meanwhile, Mihajlvoic was also an important figure for La Samp as he played for four years (1994-1998) for them. The former defender passed away on December 16, 2022, also due to cancer.

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