Watch Out Bayern: Rosenborg Remove Stars From Logo in Respect of Women's Team

Norwegian club Rosenborg have updated their logo on 1 January 2023.

Rosenborg Ballklub 2023. Stolt fortid, stor fremtid [Rosenborg Ballklub 2023. Proud past, great future]

Rosenborg Remove Stars From Club Crest - Stars to Remain on Kits of Men's Team

On 1 January, Rosenborg Ballklub (the more than 100-year-old Rosenborg team) and Rosenborg Kvinner (Rosenborg Women) merged into one club. This also meant a change in the use of the club's logo.

Merged in 2020: Rosenborg Women's predecessor club dates back to 1917

Since 2007, Rosenborg have used two stars above the logo. Each of the stars symbolizes ten league championships (Rosenborg A-team men have 26 in total). The stars have been used together with the logo in all contexts. From 2023, the stars will only be used on the men's team's uniforms and training clothes.

The Rosenborg Women's team has a tradition as long as the Men's team. The original Women's club, SK Trondheims-Ørn, were founded in 1917. In 2020, they became a section of Rosenborg Ballklub.

"It is natural for us to change this now that the merger is final. But it is important to emphasize that there will be a smooth transition. Digitally, the change will happen quickly. All other places where the logo is used with stars will take longer to change," said Rosenborg's general manager Tore Bjørseth Berdal.

Bayern München Women's Have Stars of Men's Team

Meanwhile, German giants FC Bayern München still have a big illogicality regarding the stars. The Bayern Munich Women are wearing the 5 stars of the Men's team. They were only allowed to have one star officially (3 titles = 1 star).

German Bundesliga Women's Stars Rule

In the German Women's Bundesliga, a club may wear one star above their crest for three won Bundesliga championships, two stars for five won championships, and three stars for ten won championships.

Other German Women's teams are doing it correct

Other German Women's teams like Eintracht Frankfurt (origins as 1. FFC Frankfurt) and Wolfsburg are having the correct stars of the Women's teams on their kits (2).

Everything fine except for the kits - Bayern's corporate logo has no stars

The corporate logo of FC Bayern München has no stars at all. So everything is fine except for the kits - for whatever reason...

What is your take on the Rosenborg logo in general? What do you think of Bayern München's Women's having the stars of the Men's team? Let us know in the comments below.