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Fake Arsenal 23-24 Home & Away Kits Leaked, But Could They Be Close?

Images of the alleged Adidas Arsenal 23-24 kits have been shared by @formakultur. However, they are not real.

WARNING - these are not real

There are dozens of false 23-24 kit fakes

Fake Arsenal 23-24 Home & Away Kits Are Based on Predictions

The images of the alleged Arsenal 23-24 home and away kits are counterfeits based on predictions, so they are no official Adidas designs.

How Close Could the Counterfeit Arsenal 23-24 Home & Away Kits Be?

Both counterfeits are based on predictions that have an expected accuracy of around 75%. While the (main) colors are correct, the design and details will certainly differ from what has been leaked. The home could be very close to the final design, while the away is much more unlikely.

"Could Be Very Close": Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Counterfeit Based on Prediction

The Arsenal 23-24 home fake kit could be close to the final Arsenal kit, even though we are sure that at least minor details will be different.

"Final Kit Could Be Very Different": Arsenal 23-24 Away Kit Counterfeit Based on Prediction

For the away kit, the final design could be very different. Nether the graphic design nor the collar details are confirmed but are purely speculative.

Upon closer inspection, the quality looks good at first glance, but there are clear discrepancies between the counterfeit and what fans can expect from an official Adidas kit. For example, the cannon on the away kit is placed too low, something that would never happen with an official Adidas kit.

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Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus & Inter 23-24 Fake Kits

Our sources were able to source more pictures of the same Arsenal fakes as well as four other "23-24" kit counterfeits for Inter, Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid. All these other counterfeits are total fakes and have nothing in common with upcoming 2023-24 kits.

Do you like the fake Arsenal home and away kits? Let us know in the comments below, and browse the 23-24 Kit Overview for actual 2023-2024 jersey leaks and info.