Big Chaos at MLS Club CF Montréal: 2023 Home Kit Postponed, Club to Use Away Kit Instead

CF Montreal, a Major League Soccer club, are currently facing some off-pitch challenges, their latest update on the kit seems to confirm.

CF Montreal have changed their logo twice in the past two years, following fan criticism of the first redesign. The new Montreal crest will make its debut in the 2023 season and the new 2023 home kit in particular.

CF Montréal Announce Delay of Home Kit Due to Inscription in an Indigenous Language

Club de Foot Montréal announced that the "primary jersey for the 2023 season will not be available at this time". The club had planned to include an inscription in an Indigenous language on the jersey as part of their strategy for change of identity from the Impact to Club de Foot Montréal.

The "club are committed to developing lasting relationships with Indigenous communities, and as the consultation process with Indigenous communities is still ongoing, CF Montréal have decided to pause distribution of the 2023 primary jersey to strengthen its approach by listening, collaborating, and co-creating concrete initiatives with Indigenous communities.

The decision has received mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing disappointment while others are understanding of the club's commitment to Indigenous communities. Club de Foot Montréal have informed its fans that it will keep them updated on developments surrounding its plans moving forward.

In the meantime, the club will use the grey secondary jersey with the new badge, which will be used instead of the home jersey for the time being.

CF Montréal Use Old Home Kit With New Badge in Pre-Season

For pre-season games, Montréal have been using the old home kit that was intended to be replaced this month, February 2023.

Concluding from the club's press release, Montréal won't wear it but use the away kit instead. However, they might be forced to use it to avoid a kit clash if the actual new home kit won't arrive in time.

CF Montréal 2023 Home Kit

Nothing about the CF Montréal 2023 home kit got leaked yet.

While the new crest and the club's social media images suggest that it could return to the fans' favorite black and blue stripes, the leaked reversible anthem jacket does not feature blue at all.

CF Montréal 2023 Away Kit

The Montréal 2023 away kit is carried over from last season, just with the badge on the left chest.

CF Montréal 2023 Reversible Anthem Jacket

The Montréal 2023 reversible anthem jacket has not been officially launched yet but we can already leak images.

The outside of the Montréal 2023 anthem jacket is black and silver-gray, while the inside is silver and gray. There is no blue at all, which could mean that the Impact Montréal 2023 home kit could have no blue stripes.

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated with all about the CF Montreal 2023 home kit and if they will solve their chaos soon.

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