Leaked Blurry Image Shows 5 Unreleased Adidas MLS 2023 Kits

A blurry image featuring several Major League Soccer (MLS) kits for the upcoming 2023 season was leaked and has caused a stir among fans. The image was originally unclear, but with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), some basic patterns could be derived.

Adidas Atlanta, NY Red Bulls, Nashville, Austin & Seattle Sounders 2023 Kits

Adidas MLS 2023 Kit Leak

The blurry picture features six kits, which can be identified and matched with previous leaks.

The six MLS teams whose kits are featured in the image are Austin FC, Atlanta United, LAFC, Seattle Sounders, Nashville, and St. Louis City.

Austin FC - Home - Leaked Info "Confirmed" - Prediction was based on Barcelona-esque description

Atlanta United - Home - Leak Confirmed

LAFC - Away - Leak Confirmed

Nashville - Away - Leak Confirmed

St. Louis City - Home - Already Released

Seattle Sounders - Away - Dragon Design dark and not light as on our prediction

It is important to note that these kits are part of the special Adidas 2023 MLS Real Know Real campaign, which we reported on earlier.

Adidas Atlanta, NY Red Bulls, Nashville, Austin & Seattle Sounders 2023 Kits

This leak has definitely increased the anticipation for the upcoming season, with fans eager to see all the kits in full resolution. As more information becomes available, we will keep you updated on the latest developments.

All kits will be released around 15 FebruaryAll MLS 2023 kits are set to be released next week, with 15 February 2023 looking like the big reveal date.

Intended or unintended? What do you think of this MLS kit leak? Let us know in the comments below.